Farmhouse Acacia Wood Chopping Board


Solid acacia wood makes this cutting and chopping board not only durable and sturdy, it also makes a beautiful way to serve cheese, charcuterie and appetizers. It features a shallow run-off channel along it,s perimeter and cut-out handles for lifting and carrying. The words “Mince,” “Dice”,Cube”, “Cut”and “Chop” are engraved along its top and bottom edges for added cutting board style.

14″ x 10” x 1.25 “


Farmhouse Acacia Wood Chopping Board

A sturdy wood chopping board made from genuine Acacia wood is made to last. The divot handles for easy handling as well as the grooved run-off channel makes this the best cutting board ever. The best part is that it’s stylish enough to serve guests cheeses and appetizers as well!

Product materials: Crafted from genuine sturdy acacia wood.

Features: Crafted with divot handles for easy handling. Has a run-off channel to keep liquids from running onto the counter surface.. An  engraved edge with the words: “chop, mince, dice, cube and cut”.

Care: Hand wash only.

*By Twine

Dimensions: 14″ x 10″ x 1.25 “


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