Natural Wool Dryer Balls-Lixo Swirl


Go chemical-free with a Natural Laundry Alternative! A set of six hand-felted, swirled, sheep-colored all natural wool dryer balls will last up to one year! Simply toss them in the dryer to soften, eliminate wrinkles and reduce dry time! Add your favorite pure essential oil to scent them or just use unscented.

No dyes or chemicals. Re-usable.



Natural Wool Dryer Balls-Lixo Swirl

Why Wool Dryer Balls?: Be chemical-free in your daily laundry routine! These natural wool dryer balls replace the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls absorb water during the dry cycle, and then release moisture when clothes are dry to help reduce wrinkles. They also help to reduce dry time by 10-25%.

How they are made: These balls are a natural wool color. They are made with no dyes, perfumes, or chemicals. They are hand felted, which means they will never fall apart.

Usage: Use all six at once! These balls are handcrafted and will last at least one year. Each set comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving. They are also safe for cloth diapers.

Scent: You may scent them with any pure essential oil or they can be used scent-free!

Facts: Each ball weighs between .5 -1.0 oz. They are roughly the size of a tennis ball. Every time you use them they felt a little more, so shrinkage is expected. They will also become denser with use. Please expect some stray strands of wool the first couple of uses.

Additional information

Base Color

Brown, Dark Brown, Light Grey, Mix

Swirl Color

Brown, Cream (Allmostwhite), Dark Brown, Light Grey, Mix


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