Create a Tranquil Backyard Sanctuary with these simple tips

Summer is my favorite season, for many reasons. Not only do you get more daylight to enjoy your barbecues and yard work, but nature is vibrant with life and color. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I look forward to weekends in the yard relaxing with nature. This past weekend I laid back in my hammock listening to the Blue Jays chipper and

Recycled Cotton Canvas White Hammock
This recycled cotton hammock will add a touch of elegance to your property, and offer a shady spot to enjoy a mid-days lounge. You can find it here

tweet in the branches above, and I thought to myself how the sun truly seems to touch all 5 of our senses throughout the next few months. From the smell of hot coals on the grill, the sound of birds and gleeful children, the taste of homegrown tomatoes, the eye-popping perennials in full bloom, and of course the feeling of relief after escaping to the shade after weeding the garden. If you’re looking to transform your plain property into a backyard sanctuary from everyday stress, follow these tips!

When it comes to flowers, you can never have enough…

Not only do flowers attract summer’s fairer creatures like butterflies to your home, but they make your summer gatherings memorable and leave a lasting impression. Between my raised beds and planters, I try to never let them out of my sight when

With four different metal banded planters, this wagon wheel offers a rustic accent.

I’m enjoying a nice day. Sometimes my only problem is I run out of containers to grow them all in! Be sure to display a variety of species and color so as to brighten every nook and cranny of your property.


Create a space to spread out and relax!

After a week full of work, appointments, kids, and everything else life throws at us, we deserve a place we can escape to and wind down. I like to call it my designated Saturday-cation spot. This can be a chez lounge on the patio, a hammock between two shady trees, or even a spot on the sod if you prefer. The important part is that it’s there during the week, waiting for us to retreat to it at in a moment’s notice.

The sound of flowing water naturally relaxes us…

There really is nothing better than lounging mid-day with an ice-cold drink with a good book. The only thing to make it better

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is to add ambiance with the sounds of flowing water and nature. A classical or rustic fountain will provide you with beautiful décor and set a tranquil tone for your oasis with gentle splish-splashes.

Even a backyard with limited space and setting can be upgraded by these simple tricks and tips. Feel free to leave a comment on how you enjoy your yard during summer and let us know if these ideas worked for you.

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