Message from co-founder, Amy:

During my 30 years as a successful salon owner, the greatest reward has been the relationships built from being of service to others. I have truly enjoyed being a positive force in their physical as well as personal well-being and look to continue that journey.

In creating “Verdanthomeproducts.com”, I’d like to extend this same empowerment in people’s lives, by still being a positive influence in caring for them only in a different way. We all tend to neglect our health and environment as we go about our busy lives. Verdant Home Products provides the opportunity to choose better alternatives of healthier products used in our daily lives to maintain our health and vitality. These include not only the foods we eat but everything that surrounds us in our homes. For example your sheets, or your current health and beauty products. How about your clothing or pets’ care products? We aspire to help you to attain a health-conscious lifestyle by creating a store with the finest life-giving products that are unique, natural, pure, sensible and of the highest quality and craftsmanship. I also added a bit of my passion for vintage style home decor items and other items I think aren’t always so easy to find. Voila!

The word “verdant” means flourish. This is what we wish to promote for you, your family and loved ones!

We encourage you to shop in our store and join us in a greener, healthier life!



The quality of life is sustained by healthy living.

Verdant Home Products aspires to be your first choice for online shopping of natural lifestyle products, providing healthier alternatives for your home, family and personal well-being. We select items of the highest quality and craftsmanship that are stylishly unique, natural, organic and eco-friendly or as well as our favorite… “Made in the USA”!  There’s also items we find that we believe are just rare finds to add to your decor or just plain useful in everyday life!

Join us and shop our online store in your quest for a natural, pure and healthy green life.

Thank  you for visiting our site.
The finest quality natural lifestyle products are just a click away!

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