Expedition 4-Person Picnic Backpack


Simply pack the Expedition™ Picnic Backpack with your favorite picnic foods, a bottle of wine, and you’re ready for the trip! Includes a service for four of acrylic wine glasses, forks, spoons, knives and plates. Also includes one Truetap™ corkscrew, one cutting board, one cheese knife and a set of salt and pepper shakers. A great travel backpack for hikers, campers, travelers, or just a sweet picnic excursion.


Expedition 4-Person Picnic Backpack

Expedition 4-Person Picnic Backpack is a complete picnic travel backpack with everything you need for a picnic for four. Simply pack with food and wine and go!

Materials: Insulated waterproof polyester

Includes: Removable wine cooler, 4 acrylic wine glasses, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 knives and 4 plates, a cutting board, cheese knife, a set of salt and pepper shakers.

Features: Comfortable shoulder straps & 2 exterior pockets

Great for travelers, hikers, campers and more.


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