Corrugated Metal Storage Bins Set


A set of 4 corrugated oval metal storage bins have a rustic barn roof finish with rope handles. These handy metal bins are great to display as well as for actual use for gardening, indoor and outdoor storage of herbs, fruits and vegetables, grains, trinkets and anything you can think of. These nest for easy shipping and storage.



Corrugated Metal Storage Bins Set

A set of four corrugated metal storage bins with a barn roof finish and rope handles.  They stack inside each other for easy storage when not in use.

Use them for storage and display indoors and outdoors for just about anything you can think of!


Large: 16¾” x 11¾” x 10½”.

Medium: 14½” x 10¼” x 9″.

Small: 13″ x 8¾” x 7¾”.

X-Small: 11″ x 7¼” x 6¼”.



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